Craft, Vision & Inspiration Series: Christopher James

For the past 20 years, The Santa Fe Photographic Workshops have provided craft, vision, and inspiration to all participants taking workshops in Santa Fe and their many locations around the world. As a component in this process, The Santa Fe Workshops have been producing videos of their instructors that illustrate not only their work but the experiences and philosophy that have guided their creative lives. Each video presentation offers a unique version, and interpretation, of craft, vision, and inspiration and are produced for all artists and students of the creative process. If you haven't visited the workshops in Santa Fe, and want a taste of the magic that happens there, this series of presentations from many of our renowned instructors is a close second. If you have been to a workshop, you can rekindle your passion for imagemaking and the rich, learning experience via these presentations. But perhaps best of all, the proceeds from all sales of the video DVDs will go to the SFW Scholarship Fund. This video is Christopher's and it was made in 2010. Enjoy!
- Reid Callanan, Director