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This is a free site for 180,000 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Material Safety Data Sheets for all chemicals can be found and linked to the manufacturer at this web site. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a chemical, you should consult this site before you buy. If you are having a health issue due to ingestion, eye contact, skin contact, or respiratory problems you should seek immediate medical attention. All educational or business, institutions that use chemistry are required to have MSDS data for all chemicals in use on site… this is the law.

Acros Organics
711 Forbes Avanue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Tel: (800) 227-6701 - within U.S.A only
Fax: (800) 248-3079 - within U.S.A only
Supply: Chemicals and scientific gear

Alfa Aesar
Alfa Aesar
26 Parkridge Road
Ward Hill, MA 01835
Supply: A leading supplier of hard to find high purity chemistry such as the ingredients needed for Chrysotypes. Recommeded by a lot of serious alt pro people.

(Malin Fabbri - Editor / Owner / Director)
This site, operated by Malin Fabbri, is a lot of fun to roam around in. There is a lot of work to look at from subscribers who join the site as well as a good deal of technical information. Like Wikepedia, not all of the information is entirely accurate but that free form of editorial control is what makes the site so attractive. This is also a good place to download a free digital curve to experiment with when making your own digital negatives.

(Moved to Europe 2007… no more USA orders)
Supply: Ready to use, Wet Plate Collodion Kits for both positive and negative images (Ambrotypes, Ferrotypes/Tintypes and Negatives for POP) and individual chemicals. Black glass, clear glass, tin and aluminum for making wet plate collodion and dry plate emulsion.

Alternative Process Newsgroup & Battleground
Have fun searching the archives and try keeping your head on straight when, and if, you decide to participate in the real time jousting. It takes true grit, and immeasurable patience, to hang out in this newsgroup.

Analog Photographers Group  - Analog Photographers Group

Andrew Cahan Bookseller, Ltd.
Web site:
Andrew and Robin Cahan are extremely knowledgeable specialists in photographic literature and are invaluable as a resource if you are seeking an out of print book. Best of all they are really nice people.

Aristo Grid Lamp Products, Inc.
400 Captain Neville Drive
Waterbury, CT 06705
Tel: 203-575-3425 
Fax: 203-575-3456
Send mail to:
Web Site:
This is a manufacturer of high-end UV printers for those of you who have winter in your lives.

Artcraft Chemicals Inc.
PO Box 583, Schenectady, NY 12301
Tel: (800) 682 1730 - within U.S.A only
Email: through website
Supply: Mike Jacobson is Artcraft. It's a one-man business and it’s a great business. Photographic chemicals for Argyrotype, Ware Cyanotype process and the Ware print-out platinum/palladium processes at reasonable prices. Will also make kits to order.


As We May Think
By Vannevar Bush
The Atlantic Monthly | July 1945
Web Site:

Bad At Sports - brave new world web site

Big Red & Shiny
This site, featuring Matt Nash and Jason Dean, has over 80 participating artists and non-profit status. They are up to Issue #66 as I write this and just dipping into the catalogue of what’s been on this site is an education in itself. Here’s the first third of their Mission Statement: Big RED & Shiny seeks to be a forum for criticism, discussion and promotion of the Boston arts scene. To this end we will provide reviews of exhibitions and events, articles examining the larger scope of Boston arts, and news that is up-to-the-minute and helpful to Boston artists and those interested in the arts. Join today!

B & H Photo
This is a huge company that deals with all things photographic and video. Volume sales on the internet translate into excellent prices for your supplies.

Blueprints On Fabric
20504 81st. Ave. SW, Vashon Island, WA 98070
Tel: (800) 631-3369 - within U.S.A only
1-206-463-3369 - for international callers
Supply: Linda Stemer is a great friend and one of the really good people in the alt pro industry. Pre-coated 100% natural fiber cotton and silk fabric for cyanotype, pieces and yardage, T-shirts and scarves. Pre-washed, hand-treated and individually packaged in a UV protective bag.

Bostick & Sullivan Inc
PO Box 16639, Santa Fe, NM 87506-6639
Tel: +1 505 474 0890
Fax: +1 505 474 2857
Supply: Dick Sullivan and his wife Melody Bostick founded this long respected business in the early 80’s. He sons are now involved and the enterprise is healthier than ever. Kevin Sullivan is starting a digital contact negative service as I write this and the first results look outstanding. These are also great people on every level and a joy to deal with. I’ve been doing business with them for over 25 years. B & S has chemicals for every process, tons of kits, paper, contact frames, everything for the alt pro lab. Dick is also just starting his carbon tissue manufacturing so if that is a process you want to do, then this is the place to call. They also sell a lot of books.

Bulb Direct
Web Site:
This supplier has thousands of different bulbs for all of your UV needs.

Byron Weston Paper Company (Division of Cranes Paper)
Distributor: Butler & Dearden Paper Service
80 Shrewsbury Street
P. O. Box 1069
Boylston, Massachusetts 01505
Telephone: 800-634-7070 or 508-869-9000
Fax: 508-869-0211
Web Site:
Contact: John Zokowski
Weston Diploma Parchment is produced by the Byron Weston Paper Co. (a division of Crane Paper) in Boylston, MA. The paper is warm-white 100% rag denim, 177 GSM, no brighteners, no buffering, is rosin alum sized, and a pH in the good neighborhood of 5.5 to 7.5.  It has also been manufactured for more than 50 years so the track record is strong. As well, it appears that this paper is excellent for several processes such as PT/PD, Cyanotype, and Kallitype.

714- 332 7070
Supply: Cachet makes a wide assortment of films (Maco Genius) and emulsions for hand application. Most important in the latter offering is Maco Black Magic Photo Emulsion  (variable contrast and hard contrast liquid emulsion) Maco Black Magic Photo Gelatin, and Maco Black Magic Liquid Hardener. Of all the commercial grade emulsions, theirs is the best.

Calumet Photographic
890 Supreme Drive, Bensenville, IL 60106
Tel: +1 708 860-7458 or (800) 225-8638 - within U.S.A only
Supply: Camera and darkroom supplies and gelatin and glass filters. Also kits for argyrotype and cyanotype II and cyanotype chemicals. Can ship internationally, although buyer is responsible for charges.

Carbon Printing Forum a great forum dedicated to carbon printing

Chicago Albumen Works
P.O. Box 805
174 Front Street
Housatonic, Massachusetts 01236
Phone: 413.274.6901 ~ Fax: 413.274.6934
Supply: The Chicago Albumen Works provides a wide range of traditional and digital services for institutional and corporate photograph collections. Founded in Chicago in 1976, the firm moved to the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts in 1982. This is the distributor for the Centennial™ gelatin-chloride Printing-Out Paper (P.O.P.) and related chemistry for working photographers. Their facilities are located in a renovated textile mill on the banks of the Housatonic River.

Correspondence of William Henry Fox Talbot Project
The Correspondence of William Henry Fox Talbot Project has prepared a comprehensive edition of the nearly 10,000 letters to and from Talbot (1800-1877), the Wiltshire polymath best known for his invention of photography. Draft transcriptions of nearly all the letters were posted by September 2003 and these are now being further annotated and edited.

The conception and editorial foundations of the project took place at the University of Glasgow between 1999 and 2004. Additional development and hosting is now undertaken by Knowledge Media Design, De Montfort University. The Correspondence editor is Professor Larry Schaaf.

Daniel Smith:
Supply: This is a great art supply store with everything you will need in the way of artist’s materials.

D.F. Goldsmith Chemical & Metal Corporation
909 Pitner Avenue, Evanston, IL 60202
Tel: +1 708 868-7800
Supply: Precious metals, such as silver nitrate and gold chloride.
Information confirmed December 2005

Digital Art Supplies
9596B Chesapeake Drive, San Diego, CA  92123
Web Site:
Supply: This is my favorite digital supply web site and they are a delight to work with. Dave Schaffer helped out tremendously when I was testing products for the book and was always great to deal with. You can get inkjet papers, printer inks, profiles, Printshield, and a host of other products.

George Eastman House

Graphic Chemical & Ink Company
Supply: powdered asphaltum for Heliography

Whenever I need a contact printing frame, a Polaroid back, a dye transfer registration unit, a lens… it doesn’t matter really… I know I’ll find it on eBay.

Edwards Engineered Products
Site: www.eepjon.comSupply: Jon Edwards makes superbly constructed and fine-quality actinic light (UV) exposure units… both the pizza oven variety and the vacuum type. I can’t say enough good things about Jon and his products and have purchased his units for my labs at The Art Institute of Boston and for my own studio. Edwards also makes and sells glass coating rods and tray agitation systems.

France Scully Osterman & Mark Osterman Studio
Web Site:
You would be hard pressed to find two nicer and more knowledgeable people than France Scully Osterman and Mark Osterman. This is their site devoted to wet collodion and gelatin dry plate photography. It is also a way to find out when you can take one of their workshops.

Frank Van Riper / Camera Works / The Washington Post

Freestyle Sales Company
5124 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Ca 90027
Tel: (800) 292-6137 Email: via website
Supply: Ready made kits and chemicals. Their catalogue is huge and they supply most everything you might want that is photographic. They have discount films in many different sizes and styles including esoteric stuff like x-ray, Aristo Ortholith (20x24 and rolls), lith film 4” x 5” to 20” x 24” in roll form, and aerial duplicating film. This is one of a few places that you can buy plastic cameras and they have a Web page set up just for those who find the plastic camera a religious experience. You may also find Polaroid 4” x 5” backs here for use in the pinhole cameras below. This is the hardware store of photography.

Hahnemühle Fine Art paper
Supply: Few companies can look back proudly on having such a long and diligent tradition as Hahnemühle’s. Since 1584, this papermaker has been creating unique and beautiful papers. This is my second favorite paper, after Museo II, for digital inkjet printing with pigment based inks.

If you have been thinking about running thin and flat objects through your ink jet printer, just to see if it was possible to print on them, there is a product that you can consider using. It’s called InkAID. InkAID is essentially a liquid coating that is applied to a thin substrate to prepare it for accepting your attempt at making an inkjet print on it. Among the surfaces you might consider; aluminum, thin sheets of wood laminate, exotic hand made papers, acrylic sheets, and any flat thing that you can hand feed and run through your printer. I would not recommend deli sliced meat products. I do, however, recommend that you go to eBay and purchase a very used printer to work with if you are thinking of using substrates that might damage the machine. InkAid is quite simple to use. Stir it … brush it on …  let it dry … and print. The surfaces are water resistant and can be reworked with subsequent printings, over painting, or distressing.

Ink Jet Fabrics - web site for ink jet on fabrics

Jerry’s Artarama
This is a terrific internet site for hard to find hake brushes, Krystal Seal envelopes for carbon printing, and all at discount prices.

Kageno Kids
Web Site:
This is, long with Zana Briski’s Kids with Cameras, on of the most optimistic and positive art sites you can visit. Jane Hinds Bidaut does a lot of work with this group and you can see some of the results in the book. Kageno, in the Kenyan dialect means “a place of hope”. This is a multi-faceted community development project in Kenya that transforms communities suffering from inhumane poverty into places of hope and opportunity. Making art is part of this process. Get involved!

Kids With Cameras
Zana Briski & Ross Kaufman  (Born Into Brothels)

Kids with Cameras
341 Lafayette Street
Suite 4407
New York, NY  10012

Stephen Keen Contact printing Frames
Web site:
Stephen Keen email:
Stephen makes some of the most beautiful contact printing frames I’ve ever used. I own several and they are suitable as heirlooms.

Lazertran Ltd.
US Information
1501 W. Copans Road, Suite 100
Pompano Beach
Florida 333064
Web Site:
More email:
Supply: This is a great company to deal with and they have one of the most interesting new materials to play with that I have seen in a long time. My students love their product. They are dedicated to the transfer of laser copy images, decals, and to a variety of materials, from etching plates to silk to toast.

Lensless Camera Company
Lensless Camera Mfg. Co.
904 Thorne Drive
Fernley NV 89408
(775) 575-5189
Supply: This company makes really well made pinhole cameras in a vast assortment sizes and of traditional and exotic woods. Sizes range from 4 x 4 to 11 x 14 and each camera, like the Great Basin Contact Frame, makes you feel very nice while you’re working. I’ve been using these cameras for several years, in non-silver and alternative workshops, in combination with Polaroid Type 55 Positive / Negative Film and 4 x 5 Polaroid backs.

Legacy Photo Project / The Great Picture Project
Web Site:
Everything you want to know about the world’s largest pinhole camera

Robert Leggat Photo History Site

Light Impressions  
Web Site:
Supply: In my opinion, they are the best source for all, exhibition, archival storage and handling, shipping, and cataloging of photographic materials and images. They also custom cut mats for exhibition and have a complete framing supply.

Luminous Lint - Fine Art Photography

MIS Associates, Inc.
Web Site:
Supply: MIS is a company that manufactures and distributes archival inks and papers for archival inkjet, Iris, laser, and digital printmakers. They have an excellent Web site and a fine collection of archival rag papers.

Modern Postcard    
Web Site:
This is the company of choice for many “starving” artists as it makes a nice card, sometimes dependent on what is scanned in with your card, at a very reasonable price - $100. or so will give you 500 copies. They have a very thorough Web site and provide all of the instructions and links to permit you to prepare and submit digital files. Get your art printed and sneak it into the postcard racks at the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney. You won’t get a royalty but it’s fun to see how many of your cards sell.

Mostly Metals
This business is highly recommended if you’re looking for rare and difficult to find metal salts.

National Media Museum
Web Site:
The National Media Museum is part of the NMSI Museums Group (National Museum of Science and Industry) that also includes the Science Museum (based in London and at Wroughton in Wiltshire), the National Railway Museum (based in York and at Shildon in County Durham). The Photography Collection is one of the finest and most extensive anywhere in the world. It is best regarded as a collection of collections, encompassing not only that of the Science Museum, but other world-class collections such as The Royal Photographic Society Collection, the Kodak Museum and the Daily Herald Archive.

New York Central Art Supply
Web Site:
Supply: Considered “THE” artist’s supply store. They have 2 large catalogues and deal in exotic papers from all over the world. They are the dealer for the hard to find Buxton that is the crème de la crème of alt pro papers. They also have literally every thing one could ask for in the way of artist’s supplies.

Niépce - Niépce / Photo History site

Web Site:
Ohaus manufactures and sells a wide variety of lab equipment and is well known for their gram scales.

Pearl Paint
Web Site:
This is another great art supply store with stores in many urban areas. In NY, Philadelphia, and Boston they have several floors of merchandise and I strongly advise leaving your credit card at home.

Dan Pelland Hand Made Contact printing Frames
Daniel Pelland email:
For practitioners of traditional and alternative photographic processes. Made from the finest materials - native American Cherry, Birch and Oak. Solid brass fittings. Dan Makes a beautiful frame.

Periodic Table
Just in case you can’t remember it clearly from junior high.

Photo Eye
Photo-Eye Gallery
376 Garcia Street, Suite A
Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA
Web Site:
Photo Eye This book dealer has just about everything in the way of photographic text... new, old, signed, and rare. The book part is run by the extremely knowledgeable Darius Himes. They put out a large, full color, catalogue several times a year. They also have a wonderful gallery.

Photographers Formulary
PO Box 950, Condon, MT 59826
Tel: +1 406 754-2891 or (800) 922 5255 - within U.S.A only
Fax: +1 406 754 2896
Supply: Bud and Lynn Wilson run this excellent business in the heart of Montana. They also run workshops where you can study with many of the best in the business. Chemistry-sold in bulk, as well kit form. All kits come with instruction sheets on storage and use.

Web Site:
Pictorico makes the excellent OHP inkjet film that I’ve been using for the past few years to make my digital contact negatives. Their Ultra Premium inkjet film (rolls only at the moment) is even better and allows you to take nearly any source and transform it into a very adequate inkjet contact negative film within minutes of scanning. This is the future and Pictorico will likely be a leader in it.

Pinhole Resource
Web Site:
Supply: This is Eric Renner and Nancy Spencer’s enterprise. This is one of the very best resources for pinhole photography in existence. They distribute both inexpensive and very expensive cameras, zone plates, and assorted books and pinhole paraphernalia. One stop expert advice and shopping and home of the Leonardo Pinhole Camera, a beautifully made custom pinhole in assorted formats. Pinhole Resource is a non-profit public institutional archive for pinhole photography.Keep an eye open for Eric Renner’s new pinhole book.

Premier Imaging Products
Web Site:
Supply: This company makes the Professional Premium Micropore Luster, 10.4 mil transfer paper that works so well for carbon printing transfer support. They also produce Eco Shield and Print Shield for protecting digital prints and a large variety of digital printing products.

Real Time Arts - new media site

Rockland Colloid
PO Box 376, Piermont, NY 10968
Tel: +1 845 359-5559
Fax: +1 845 365-6663
Supply: Liquid light emulsion, projection-speed emulsion for canvas and wood, toners and sensitizers. Cyanotype kit.

Ruscombe Paper Mill
Bingham / Rustige
4, cours Pey-Berland  ·  33460 Margaux  ·  France  ·
Tel: 0033 (0)5 57 88 73 77  ·  Fax: 0033 (0)5 57 88 73 92  · 
Supply: Ruscombe makes one of the most beautiful alt pro papers in the world, Buxton. The business was founded by Christopher Bingham, a chartered engineer, with extensive manufacturing experience across a wide range of industries, including the papermaking sector. He is assisted by his wife, Jane, and a number of local people who carry out the papermaking. The sales and manufacturing business is jointly owned by Christopher Bingham and Martin Rustige, the proprietor of Anton Glaser in Stuttgart, Germany.

Science & Society Picture Library
Web Site: & Society Picture Library represents the collections of the Science Museum, the National Railway Museum and the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television - as well as a variety of related collections. As well, archives from The Royal Photographic Society.
This site is dedicated to the Chrysotype, a wonderful, flexible, and archival process developed by my friend Mike Ware. This site explains the reasons for learning the technique, sells Mike’s books, and offers custom printing services.

Silverprint, Ltd.   
0171 620-0844 (in London)
Web Site:
Supply: The distributor of most everything one needs to work in the non-silver and alternative process mode, Silverprint carries everything: paper, film, chemistry, equipment, Argyrotype kits, and storage materials. They distribute an exceptionally fine liquid emulsion that is highly recommended. Silverprint also markets Centennial POP paper.

Web Site:
This company, owned and run by Dan Welden, makes an excellent prepared polymer emulsion steel plates that are UV sensitive and water developed. If you are planning on going to press they also sell half tone screens.

Spectrum Chemical Corp.
14422 S San Pedro Street, Gardena, CA 90248-2027
New Jersey Office:
755 Jersey Ave., New Brunswick, NJ 08901-3605
Telephone: 1.800.813.1514 (Toll Free United States)
310.516.8000 (Internationally)
Supply: Spectrum is a multi-national corporation and supplies chemicals and lab products.

Tim Whelan Photographic Books
Timothy Whelan Fine Photographic Books & Prints
25 Main St
P.O. Box 471
Rockport, ME 04856
T: 207.236.4795
Tim is as nice a person as you could ever hope to meet and he can get you any book, new or out of print, and do it with pleasure. You will find Tim a complete delight and one of the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to photographic books.

Turbulence.Org - another brave new world site

Ultra Fine On Line
This is the site to go to when you need transfer support paper for the carbon process. Look for Professional Grade Photo Quality Luster, 10.2 mil. The paper works beautifully but may leave you unsatisfied when it dries as it looks a lot like inkjet paper. Still, it is the very best paper to try when you are learning the process.

Unblinking Eye - a great alt pro photo site

Mike Ware
Web Site:
Mike Ware has forgotten more about alternative processes than most people know after years of working in the genre. What this means is that he knows just about everything that is worth knowing about photographic history and specifically, iron, gold, palladium, and platinum based processes. This site is a lot of fun to meander around in and should be enjoyed.

Wilcox Watercolor Site  - Wilcox Watercolor Site

Without Lenses - pinhole camera magazine site

Zero Image
Web Site:
Supply: This is the now world-renowned enterprise belonging to a gentleman by the name of Zernike Au. He crafts beautifully made pinhole cameras out of fine woods and brass fittings and adds important parts such as metal pressure tabs to ensure that the roll film has adequate tension during winding - an important consideration to prevent the dreaded “fat roll.” Without question, Zero Image pinholes are works of art.


NOTE: These are the workshops that I teach at yearly or every other year. I offer Intro to Alternative Processes and Advanced Alternative Process. If you want to take a weeklong workshop with me get in touch with these organizations and reserve a spot for the next class.

The Maine Photographic Workshops / Maine Media Workshops
Web Site:
Founded by David Lyman over 35 years ago, the Maine Media Workshops continues to prosper under the new leadership of Charles Altschul, Joyce Tennyson, and Program Director Elizabeth Greenberg. I’ve been teaching intro and advanced alternative process workshops there for a few weeks each summer for over 33 years and it is still one of my favorite places to be.

The Santa Fe Workshops
Web Site:
This is an excellent business 0wned and run extremely well by my friend Reid Callanan and is one of the best workshops in the world. For over a decade they have been dedicated to digital imaging but lately they have opened up to alternative processes and I’ve been teaching intro and advanced workshops there every summer. Sign up early.

Center for Photography at Woodstock
Web Site:
Founded by Colleen and Kathleen Kenyon, back when we were young, this charming workshop, in the charming village of Woodstock (not actually where the 1969 concert was held… that was 40 miles away in Bethel) continues to be a gentle reminder of quieter times. I teach there every other year and am always impressed that we manage to accomplish so much in the available space and driveway. Always packed with big name instructors, they are doing everything right.

Anderson Ranch Center for the Arts
Web Site:
Located in Snowmass, and a short jog to Aspen, this venue is as lovely a location as you could hope for. I teach intro and advanced workshops here every other year and totally enjoy myself as all of the arts are represented every week of the summer. Jim Baker was the director for quite a while before moving to Maine and now the operation is directed by former Boston resident, Hunter O’Hanian.

A FEW ARTIST’S WEB SITES Altera) Z Anderson) Arentz) Babcock) Baca) Bailey) Belanger) Hinds Bidaut) Boyle)
www.nancybreslin.comNancy Breslin) Burchfield) Burkholder) Burrough) Paul Caponigro) Carter) Christiansen) Connor) Dahn) Estabrook) Gardner)       (Danuta Gibka) Todd Harper) Hamilton) Harvey) Huang) James) Jansen)
(Michael Kenna) Michael Kennedy) Kessell) King) Krane) Knowlton) Laurence) Liepke) Lizardo) Livick) Madigan) Maher) Malde) Manikova) Mann) McMahon) Moroux Meyer) Mullins) Nash) Nash & Jason Dean) Nettles) Palm) Gonzalez Palma) Parker) Pinchbeck) Prince) Renner) Roberts) Robinson) Ruben) Ruseckas)     (W.H. Shilling) Sobsey) Soutter) Spagnoli) & Hajicek) Snyder) Spencer) Sullivan) Hamil Talmin) Uelsmann) Vail) Ware) White) Wiltse) Woodburn) Anne Wright)